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These photos have been chosen completely at random and Iíll try and explain something about each one whenever possible. Many of these family, friends and associates will no doubt show up in other photos on a regular basis as time goes on. Hopefully they will all eventually give a small insight into the people Iím fortunate to know (and have known) and places Iíve seen (while still only scratching the surface).

All images Copyright Bob Young 2011

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Barney, Kirstie and grandson Leo grandson Leo with Ciaran Gribbin in OZ Jan 2012 Melbourne INXS with Ciarans wife Donna and their son James sister Jane in Palm Beach Christmas day at the Youngs Christmas is for the kids Jan 2012 Canberra Oz. L-R Ciaran, me, sister Jane & Michael Keeney the Lancaster visit the Youngs 1967 Francis Rossi in France (very rare)
1970 Quo's Alan Lancaster 1973? The Frantic Four Mid 70's Quo on Top Of The Pops February 2012  Sue on the beach in Kenya Feb 2012  Grandson Leo - always laughing and happy Feb 2012  Francis Rossi and pupils at Aylesford School in Kent January Mona Vale Sydney Australia with INXS singer Ciaran Gribbin on his balcony with Menzies the son of a friend 1965/6 The Spectres 'Tour Bus' in France 1967? Status Quo's original keyboards player Roy Lynes 1970 Status Quo ' The times they are a changing'
1970 Status Quo with me second on the right 1979?? Alan Lancaster 1985 The Live Aid artists 1964?  John Coghlan and his first car 1977?  Me and Quo drummer John Coghlan April 2012 Kirstie and Leo March 2012 Leo and his Grandma Barnes Dec 2011 Amsterdam INXS singer Ciaran Gribbin on tour 1977 Quo Hammersmith Apollo 1977 Alan in Bohus Studios during Rocking All Over The World recording
Oct 2011 Shepperton Studios 30 years later the Frantic Four during filming for Hello Quo documentary 1976?  Me & Rick a Quo gig somewhere in the world 1977? Francis somewhere (pic Per Engelbro) Rick the Rock Star Francis & Rick dressing room Wembley 80's? 70's  That roadie again Quoin' and Blowin' June 2012  Me, Bill Heckle (Cavern Club owner) & Chris Sharrock (Beady Eye/Oasis drummer) at the Houses of Parliament) 1977 Backstage at the Hammersmith Odeon (Apollo)
May 2012 Belfast  James Gribbins first birthday with his Mum Donna and Dad Ciaran 1980 John and Rick on the Quo tour bus
1968  Quo first record producer John Schroeder
June 2012 Queens Jubilee Day Grandson Leo and daughter Kirstie
70's  That roadie again Quoin' and Blowin'
2011  Good buddies Arthur & Dorothy's lovely grandchildren with their Dad Sam and Mum May
1973 Quo's Piledriver gold album presentation
Yes it's The Mad Turk in a happier moment
The Frantic Four
1970 and another TV appearance by that harmonica playing song writing roadie