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Photos No. 351 - 401

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All images Copyright Bob Young 2007

Holland at the 'Whatever You Want' album launch. 1969 Quo publicity photo A classic seventies Francis Rossi shot. Francis and Father Christmas. my good friend Robin who passed away December 14, 2008. c1985 My Mother. 1996 me & the lovely Mal Kingsnorth on the Vanessa-Mae world tour.  1969 Francis in some dodgy little gig somewhere. Mid seventies Rick somewhere  1966 me in Basingstoke

199? Minhinnett Young & Moody at The Café Opera in Stockholm. 2007 Italy Arthur & Dorothy and Sue in red with the chef in the wine cellar November 2008 in Air Edel recording studios London during the recording of songs for the movie ‘Heartless’ that my artist Joe Echo is performing and producing. 1964 with my sister Jane in Basingstoke. With my good friend Marc Marot and his lovely wife Liz. Rick coming face to face with the Madame Tussauds waxwork head of himself. 1966 Brighton beach  1977 This was in Studio Bohus Gothenburg. 1975 Rick and me in Stockholm at a gig. 1964 in Basingstoke with friends.

son Sam I like the beard. If I grew it now it’d look like Kenny Rogers…. 1952 with my elder sister Christine 1977 The Dark Side Of The Moons in Gothenburg. Jan 2009 daughter-in law Jo in the beach hut she and Jamie are staying in during their holiday November 2008 in Belfast with Joe Echo. 1965/6 the first Status Quo Butlins Holiday Camp photo. 1952 with my elder sister Christine Kirstie and Barney's engagement party January 2009 - son Sam in his new suit

2003? - in Malibu, California My Mothers favourite photo. Dear John November 2008 in Belfast with Joe Echo and Michael Watt. December 2008 Sydney Oz - Sister Christine and nephew Jordan (my  
sister Jane's son)
About 1987 daughter Kirstie & son Jamie.
Early eighties with Rick and Liverpool FC then Chairman David Moores. 1968 me and Sue with a few silly recent additions to the photo by future Son-In-Law Barney. Somewhere in Oz. Slim, nice hair. Where did it all go wrong…;-( November 2008 Heartless music co-producers Michael Keeney and Joe Echo in London studio

Six players in the worst five-a-side team to play Wembley. Walking in The Atlas Mountains Morocco for a week with Michael Watt 1993 with Ray Minhinnett and Keith Richards filming for the Stratocaster TV doco. Micky Moody and I getting close up and personal at his first wedding. It’s that beard again…;-) me and David Moores preparing for Strictly Come Dancing early Rick pic with Micky Moody and Ed Hamilton at Wembley Arena 1993 with Eric Clapton and Ray Minhinnett in the studio in New York  On the Vanessa-Mae World tour. A young Matthew Letley on the left