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Photos No. 51 - 100

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All images Copyright Bob Young 2007

c1975  in Los Angeles with Rick and Francis    c1975 Two Rossi’s and a Young…Jamie, Nicholas, Simon  c1976  Quo crew Slug, Cass, Nipper, me and Mal     c1971 in Germany a rare photo of Gerd  1982  With Micky Moody  at the Wembley Arena   c1994 at a party in London with Paul Mc Cartney   c1991 in Los Angelesentaken by James Herbert c1973  A rare photo of some of the first Quo wives   1960  A spotty teenager in Basingstoke…   c1986  dressed and ready for someone’s wedding

1992  Ray Minhinnett and I with Eric Clapton   c1983 this was certainly one of my favourite Diesel Band line-ups   c1970  with hair andno stomach 1977  in Japan (I think) Another quiet night in...    2006  at Wembley Arena  with Pilippe Duponteil  2007  in Beijing, Chinawith MAKSIM from Croatia.   2007 at a Kasabian gigin the Roundhouse London.    2007  The credits page for the 1977? The very first Diesel Band---   1995 with Bryan Adams at his London house

 1973 on the first Australian Tour with Slade   c1963 with my first band ‘The Crack’ in Basingstoke where I was born.  1968  August 5th Sue and I got married at Kensington Registry Office with then Quo tour manager John Fanning as best man and our friend Caroline Pitkin. Just the four of us there and we rang our parents after. The next day I went on my first international trip with Quo… Belgium :o)  To say the following forty years have been ‘interesting’ would be a huge understatement. Sue on the left with our two great mates Arthur & Dorothy Wickson. They’ve just recently sold their very successful London restaurants and clubs business after over thirty years to  ‘travel the world and go fishing…’. The four of us will be together in Vietnam and Thailand in January. 1968  with Rick, Francis and fans. I think this was at a college in Oxford where the Quo played. 1973  in the swimming pool of The Travel Lodge in Hollywood with Francis, Rick, Alan & Colin during the first American tour. in Milan with nephew Matthew and an irresistible photo opportunity…..  son Jamie with the band Hard-Fi ( ) who he Tour-Managed for two years. c1977 Hawaii Airport. John, Rick & Francis and in the background Lighting Designer George Harvey   c1978 Hilversum Holland recording studios. Enjoying a romantic waltz with the Mad Turk…..

1979  picking up Gold Albums for ‘Whatever You Want’ in Holland?  1971 a very early live performance of ‘Gerdundula’  c1977 Iain Jones and Mal Craggs with a few Quo guitars 2007 salmon fishing on the River Spey in Scotland c1978  getting cheeky in a hotel bar in Glasgow with Andy Bown 2005 in London studio with the Verve's Richard Ashcroft& saxophonist Jim Hunt. 2002 on the HMS Ark Royal with Quo's agent Neil Warnock & Duroc Mgmt. PA Persha Sethi  2007 with my Italian nephew Matthew and my Uncle Bill who was celebrating his 100th birthday. 2007 another Uncle Bill 100th birthday photo with my son Sam holding the card from the Queen 2007 Daughter Kirstie and her boyfriend Barney.

2007 Kirstie's birthday drinks with her friends 2007 on safari inAfrica. 2006 with Keith Altham and Noddy Holder. Keith was a PR person in the sevenies for Quo, The Who, David Bowie and many more. Every year he organises lunch for 30 - 40 old friends, all who hove been in the music business for a minimum of thirty years. Invites only..... 2006 with Rory Gallagher's brother Donal. We toured a lot with Rory in the seventies. Great guitarist, performer and a lovely man. 2000 at a friends house in Akaroa New Zealand. c1974? a festival somewhere 2004 walking in the hills in Tuscon Arizona 2006 a day at the races 2006 with singer Kenny Lynch