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Photos No. 251 - 300

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All images Copyright Bob Young 2007

2008 more silly food in Vietnam August 2008 Isle of Islay on our tour of the whisky distilleries August 2008 Edinburgh. Sue, Dorothy and Arthur after a wet and windy  
night out
. 2004 in Cuba with Noddy Holder. 2007 in Beijing with Croatian pianist Maxim. 2007 a light snack in Cornwall. 2008 at Sam's birthday party L-R half a Barney, Kirstie & Sam. 2008 walking on the South Downs in Sussex. 2007 son Jamie in one of his more serious moments.

2006 daughter Kirstie and her good friend Jo. And another office wall. 2008 This is the Italian National Junior baseball team. My nephew  
Matthew Boccardi is on the right in the front row. Yet another office wall. 1968 band photo 1948 with my parents and sister Christine. 2003 in Germany with Richard Ashcrofts band and crew members. 1979 Jamie demonstrating to Sammie amazing his trumpet technique. 1973 Waikoto New Zealand on the first OZ / NZ tour. 200? son Jamie in either Thailand, India or Australia.

2004 at a Groove Armada gig. 2007 dinner at home. 2006 at home with old friend L-R Martin, Robin and Tony.. 2003 in Sydney Australia. 2003 in Akaroa New Zealand on a friends sheep farm. 2003 in Akaroa New Zealand with friends. 2007 Kirstie & Sue 2007 Majorca. 2007 Kenya on safari. 2007 Kenya on safari when we got stuck in the mud.

2007 on safari in Kenya with Barry and Tony. 2007 summer in Wales. 2007 salmon fishing on the River Spey in Scotland. 1982 Double M band support of Kris Kristofferson . 2007 Egypt sandlocation for a classic concert 2007 Egypt with classical pianist Maxim. 2007 Egypt with classical pianist Maxim. 2008 son Sammie when we went in our friends private plane to a rugby match in France.. 2007 Milan. 2007 Codogna.

2008 my untidy office. John Coghlan and the car he sponsored in the 70s 2008 Vietnam - Hello sailor 2008 Vietnam. 2007 italian nephew Matthew and his Grandfather Angelo Boccardi. 1948 an early picture 1953 with my sister Carol. 1970 Status Quoand the old fella 1 of 40 Stratocaster guitars 1977 Another bum shot with Alan.