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These photos have been chosen completely at random and Iíll try and explain something about each one whenever possible. Many of these family, friends and associates will no doubt show up in other photos on a regular basis as time goes on. Hopefully they will all eventually give a small insight into the people Iím fortunate to know (and have known) and places Iíve seen (while still only scratching the surface).

All images Copyright Bob Young 2011

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2011 August Grandson Leo 1977 Bob & Pip Two silly arses in the studio 2011 Ciaran Gribbin aka Joe Echo and three month old son James 2011 August  L-R Chas Hodges, James Herbert, Chas McDevitt 1982 with L-R the kids. Sam, Jamie, Kirstie 
2011 July Port Andrax Majorca with good buddies Ray Jenkins and Tony   
Mullane 2002 Munich on tour with Richard and Kate Ashcroft 
1977? Quo with England football friends Dave Watson and Peter Barnes 
1979 Italy with John Coghlan and taxi driver 
1979 A happy John Coghlan

Sept 2011  Grandson Leo 2011  Son Jamie cooking his Sunday roast 1977??  The Who drummer Keith Moon and Ringo's son the current Who drummer Zak Starkey 2011 Francis working in his studio with engineer Greg 1975?? Andrew Bown with Twiggy and co. 1974 me with Alan Lancater, Francis Rossi and my niece Terri-Ann 2011  Good buddies Arthur and Dorothy and midges having a 'great' days fishing in Scotland 1979  Paris Pantin Quo's Rossi & Parfitt 2011  Son Sam, grandson, Leo, son-in-law Barney watch the football scores first day of the season July 2011 INXS singer Ciaran Gribbin (formerly known as Joe Echo)

2011 Sept Portugal  Daughter Kirstie and grandson Leo on holiday Buenos Aries 5th Nov 2011. Ciaran Gribbin's second show as lead singer with INXS' November 2011 Araquipa Peru on tour with INXS 2011 On tour in China with Maksim
Nov 2011 Shopping in Lima Peru
Nov 2011 INXS singer Ciaran Gribbin & his lovely wife Donna
Nov 12th 2011 Me and grandson Leo x 199? Playing at Micky Moody's wedding
Jan 2011 India  Sue and great friends Arthur & Dorothy