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Photos No. 451 - 500

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All images Copyright Bob Young 2007

25th April 2009 Hefei in China at the venue where Maksim played December 2008  My artist Joe Echo with The Script when they played  
together in Belfast Summer 2008 Joe Echo with my old mate Francis Rossi. April 25th Hefei China with classical pianist Maksim just about to leave for the show. 2005 ? In a studio with The Verve's Richard Ashcroft either listening  
to playback or just knackered... The Young family. My lovely niece Terri & her two handsome and talented sons Austin & Nolan. 29th May 2009 James Morrison and Joe Echo at The Waterfront Belfast 29th May 2009  Me and Joe Echo at The Waterfront Belfast when Joe  
supported James Morrison 1978? Glasgow?  L-R Bob, Rick, John, Jim McAndrews (our blind chauffer)

1966 Francis and Rick 1979? Jamie & Kirstie Andrew Bown, Hot Dog, Jackie Lynton on a plane on the way to a Diesel  
Band gig.  1983 in Florida. Kirstie, Sammie & Jamie with their two friends the  Reeves
Alan & Rick taken during the filming of 'The Wanderer' video 
 Colin Johnson, Francis, Alan & Rick in the camera shop in Japan  1973 me and Francis at the Christening of my son Jamie

 1982 son Sam. A budding Quo fan.... 1973 in Australia Slade's Jim Lea on the left with John, Francis and  
 1983? at home with England International footballer Dave Watson

1938? My father June 2009 backstage at Epsom Racecourse. Francis talking to Tim Boyle  
 1972 passport photo of Francis with my 4 sisters at the wedding of my daughter Kirstie 1972 passport photo of Francis  Joe Echo at the Oxygen Festival 2009 1952 Basingstoke - me and sister Christine July 11th 2009 Daughter Kirstie and husband Barney xx
1985 me and my good friend David Moores having a quiet night in 
 28th July 2009  My friend Arthur is in Uganda Africa this week  
fishing. Look at this little beauty....

Status Quo in Hilversum, Netherlands 11th July 2009 the Young clan July 11, Kirstie relaxing at the John Lennon suite son Jamie with daughter-in-law July 11th 2009  Me having a happy daughters wedding day July 10th 2009  Liverpool on the day before the wedding July 11th 2009  daughter Kirstie getting ready for the wedding with  
her brother Sam July 11th 2009 with my sisters L-R Carol, Christine, Jane, Carl July 10th 2009 Liverpool Hard Days Night Hotel with my sister Jane in from Australia for the wedding 
 1979 ? Fabulous.....

August 31st 2009  Liverpool. Just off stage having played at the Mathew Street Festival
L-R Hammy (drummer), Joe Echo, Bill Heckle (Festival boss and a dear old friend), Shauna (bass guitarist) Sep 2009  My son Sam went Carp fishing in France with a few friends  and he caught this 56 pound monster common carp. June 2009 Son-in-law Barney and his lovely Mum Jean Sep 2009 France Sam & his 56 pound Common Carp. Just one of several   huge catches.  2009 Pulborough West Sussex  My good buddy Michaels wildflower meadow. 2009 Joe Echo Ireland festival. 2009 Russia  My great friend Arthur went fishing and caught this whopper. 2009 Tay House Scotland. Me swimming with the hippos. Or one of Arthurs doctored photos to   
simply I'd put on some weight....