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1978 - my daughter Kirstie aged 4 years  1981 – my eldest son Jamie aged 10 years      1982 - Rick with my daughter at my old house in Purley  2005 - a picture of my current car 2005 - in my home in Surrey    2003 - in Leeds with my four sisters   c1958 - aged 13. (nice hair ;o)  c1955 - Uncle Cliff's skiffle groupin a pub in Basingstoke     c1975 Two Rossi’s and a Young…Jamie, Nicholas, Simon   1960  A spotty teenager in Basingstoke…   c1986  dressed and ready for someone’s wedding   c1970  with hair andno stomach  c1963 with my first band ‘The Crack’ in Basingstoke where I was born.  1968  August 5th Sue and I got married at Kensington Registry Office with then Quo tour manager John Fanning as best man and our friend Caroline Pitkin. Just the four of us there and we rang our parents after. The next day I went on my first international trip with Quo… Belgium :o)  To say the following forty years have been ‘interesting’ would be a huge understatement. 2007 with my Italian nephew Matthew and my Uncle Bill who was celebrating his 100th birthday. 2007 another Uncle Bill 100th birthday photo with my son Sam holding the card from the Queen 2007 Daughter Kirstie and her boyfriend Barney. 2007 Kirstie's birthday drinks with her friends 2006 a day at the races 2006 with my nephew Matthew on the London Eye. 198? Nice car - bad moustache... I bought this car, a Panther, off Rick Parfitt. Very impractical but a lot of fun (the car that is....)  1981 son Jamie. See if you can spot the difference between this and Photo 2. 2006 daughter Kirstie. 2007 Kirstie’s friends. somewhere... and here's my sister Jane in Sydney on Simons new Harley. 1981 kool kids L-R Sam, Kirstie & Jamie on holiday in Newport Beach California 1973 with Sue and Jamie in Dulwich where we lived in an £8 per week flat beneath the Rossi’s. . 1980 with Kirstie & Sam . Me with Sam 2004 - Sue Young and Dave Watson. an early family picture. 2001 1993? - Sweden with my son Jamie 1971 - with son Jamie. 1969 - Francis and Sue Young. 1978? - the Young brothers. 1982 -  Newport Beach, Californa 2005 with my sister Jane, niece Chelsea and nephew Ryan. 1977 with Kirstie & Sammie. 1970 my sister Christine. 2008 at Sams birthday party.. 2006 son Jamie & wife Jo. 2008 at Sam's birthday party L-R half a Barney, Kirstie & Sam. 2007 son Jamie in one of his more serious moments. 2006 daughter Kirstie and her good friend Jo. 2008 This is the Italian National Junior baseball team. My nephew  Matthew Boccardi is on the right in the front row. 1948 with my parents and sister Christine. 1979 Jamie demonstrating to Sammie amazing his trumpet technique. 200? son Jamie in either Thailand, India or Australia. 2007 dinner at home. 2007 Kirstie & Sue 2008 son Sammie when we went in our friends private plane to a rugby match in France.. 2007 Milan. 2007 Codogna. 2007 italian nephew Matthew and his Grandfather Angelo Boccardi. 1948 an early picture 1953 with my sister Carol. 2007 italian nephew Matthew and his Grandfather Angelo Boccardi. 1968 wedding day with friend Caroline Pitkin 1978 YMCA...? Jamies wedding day. Jamie relaxing after a Groove Armada gig My Uncle Bill 2005 son Jamie 1982 Sammie, Kirstie & Jamie at the house in Newport Beach California 1972 with Sue and Jamie 2007 daughter Kirstie going for  a hole in ten.... 2006 nephew Matthew Boccardi with his grandfather Angelo c1985 My Mother. 1966 me in Basingstoke  1964 with my sister Jane in Basingstoke. son Sam 1952 with my elder sister Christine Jan 2009 daughter-in law Jo in the beach 1952 with my elder sister Christine Kirstie and Barney's engagement party January 2009 - son Sam in his new suit December 2008 Sydney Oz - Sister Christine and nephew Jordan (my  sister Jane's son) About 1987 daughter Kirstie & son Jamie. 1968 me and Sue with a few silly recent additions to the photo by future Son-In-Law Barney. 26.03.09 Son Jamie on the right in the Groove Armada private jet on the Australian tour en route from Sydney to Wagga Wagga. April 2009 My nephew Matthew Boccardi who plays baseball for the  Italian National junior team 1953 in my then home town of Basingstoke taken on the Coronation Day of Queen Elizabeth. The Young family. My lovely niece Terri & her two handsome and talented sons Austin & Nolan. 1979? Jamie & Kirstie  1983 in Florida. Kirstie, Sammie & Jamie with their two friends the  Reeves 1982 son Sam. A budding Quo fan.... 1938? My father with my 4 sisters at the wedding of my daughter Kirstie 1952 Basingstoke - me and sister Christine July 11th 2009 Daughter Kirstie and husband Barney xx 11th July 2009 the Young clan July 11, Kirstie relaxing at the John Lennon suite son Jamie with daughter-in-law July 11th 2009  Me having a happy daughters wedding day July 10th 2009  Liverpool on the day before the wedding July 11th 2009  daughter Kirstie getting ready for the wedding with  her brother Sam July 11th 2009 with my sisters L-R Carol, Christine, Jane, Carl July 10th 2009 Liverpool Hard Days Night Hotel with my sister Jane in from Australia for the wedding