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updated 05.05.2014

updated 05.05.2014

Itís been several months since I last updated this website and Iím now pleased to announce that my new website will be ready to go Live this month. As well as all of the old favourites such as Blogs, Photos, Lyrics, Poems etc, for the first time it will include a shop containing all types of original merchandise using many of the images taken from various items of memorabilia Iíve collected over the past few decades on the road. It will also have a dedicated link to acquire some of these unique, original one-off pieces of memorabilia.

Iíll be putting the new website address up here on this site first just prior to the launch date and then through other sources a few days later. I hope youíll enjoy and visit it regularly just as over 200,000 of you have already since I first decided to have my own site that has been managed so well for me these past years by Jurgen Adametz.

Keep checking here for the new site details and thanks again for all your interest and support.

Cheers Bob
6th April 2015

updated 13.11.13

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