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updated 14.08.2011: added Jackie Lyton album 1974
The song "Today" is written by Bob Young and Jackie Lynton. Bob played harmonica on the album.

The Jackie Lynton album


October 2010: Young & Moody album "Back For The Last Time"

2007 - 3-CD-Box "The Cavern - Famous Club in the world"


Albums: just click into the pictures for detailed info

In Quo country
UK LP 1986

In Quo country
CD 1988

Tex axile rides again
UK 1997

Nearest Hits
UK 1995

Young & Moody
UK 1996

Young & Moody
Japan EP

Young & Moody
Cassette Album
Singles: just click into the pictures for detailed info

Chicago Blues
UK promo 1977

Chicago Blues
UK 1977

Chicago Blues
US promo 1977

Chicago Blues
Germany 1977

Chicago Blues
Netherlands 1977

The Devil went down to Georgia
Young & Moody 1979

Don't do that
UK 1983

Don't do that
Japan 1983

Mean Girl
UK 1986

February 1977

Svensk Blues

River of tears
1992 2-track-promo

These Eyes

All The Good Friends

The Superstar And The Roadie
Jim Davidson

Bad Days Are Gone
B-Side of
Graham Bonnets

Out On The Water
B-Side of
Graham Bonnets
"Night Games"

Don't Tell Me To Go
B-Side of
Graham Bonnets
"That's The Way It Is"

Joe Echo
"Breakaway" 2008


Bob Young Discography:
(thanks to Gunter Roder)

Bob Young:
LP In Quo Country 1986 Making Waves SPRAY 104
Single "Mean Girl" 1986 SURF 115
CD In Quo Country 1986 Making Waves SPRAY CD 104
CD (Tex Axile Rides Again) 1997 In Quo Country (Cat.No. Repertoire Records REP 4638-WY)

Young & Moody:
Young & Moody 1986 (Cat.No. United Artists / Magnet UA-LA 759-G); also on Cassette (Cat.No. Magnet ZCMAG 5015 - UK-only)
CD Young & Moody The Nearest Hits Album 1995 (Cat.No. Revival Music TROV 1)
CD Young & Moody 1996 (Cat.No. Repertoire Records REP 4633-WY)
Chicago Blue / Warm Winds
Chicago Blue / Warm Winds England (Cat.No. Magnet MAG 87)
Chicago Blue / Warm Winds Germany (Cat.No. Magnet 98893)
Chicago Blue / Warm Winds Netherlands (Cat.No. Magnet NG 844)

The devil went down to Georgia / You can´t catch me (Cat.No. Fabulous Records JC 1)

All the good friends / Playing your game (Cat.No. Bellaphon / Fabulous Records BF 18717)

The Young & Moody Band
These eyes / I won´t let go England (Cat.No. Bronze BRO 120)
Germany (Cat.No. Bronze 103 169-100)

Don´t do that / How can I help you tonight (Cat.No. Bronze 130)

12 " Maxi Single from Japan Bronze (Cat.No. VIP - 5914)
Side 1 : Young & Moody Band:
Don´t do that
How can I help you tonight
These Eyes
Side 2 : Motörhead:
Over the top
Dirty Love
Like a nightmare

February 1977:
Witchfire / Heroe´s Reward England (Cat.No. RCA PB 5055)
Producer: Pip Williams, Bob playing the harp on the B-Side

Song also featured on BARDOT's LP "Rocking In Rhythm" (Cat.No. RCA PL25121) May 1977

Minhinnett, Young & Moody
Svensk Blues / Trying not to notice / Save all your loving
Label: Making waves (Cat.No. SPRAYS CD 1 P) 1992

John Coghlans Diesel Band
2-track Maxi-CD
River of tears / No moon shines
Sweden Label Västfront (Cat.No. VFCDs 1)
Line-up: John Coghlan, Bob Young, Ray Minhinnett, Phil May, Chris Stewart and Hilly Briggs