Bob Young discography

LP: In Quo country - UK 1986
Cat.No. Making Waves SPRAY 104

photo by kind permission Gunter Roder

1 Down Down
2 Can't give you more
3 Claudie
4 Caroline
5 Mean Girl
6 Shady Lady
7 I saw the light
8 Nightride
9 Living on an island
10 Dirty water

Vocals/harmonica: Bob Young
Guitars: Micky Moody / Albert Lee / Billy Bremner
Bass guitars: John Mc Kenzie / Mo Foster
Drums: Terry Stannard
Pedal steel guzitars: B.J.Cole / Pete Wiltshire
Keyboards: Gavin Povey / Graham Presket
Violin: Graham Presket
Horns: The Pete Thoms Horns
Percussion: Frank Ricotti / Gus Campbell / Bill Glancy
Backing vocals: Young and Moody / Kim Goody / Richard Parfitt / Ed Hamilton and Fastbuck