BLOG 85 July 5th 2013

Late again….but I thought I’d wait to get started on this Blog until after the Premiere of the new movie ‘BULA QUO’ which all took place on Monday at The Odeon in Leicester Square. The cinema was packed and Francis and Rick got up on stage just before the screening to say a few words and the writer/director Stuart St Paul introduced them and some of the actors. All in all it was a nice evening which had started with a walk down the red carpet and the night ending at the After Party in the Café de Paris. Even Francis made it along for half an hour and Rick for a lot longer. They both looked great and I’m really pleased to have co-written the title track ‘Bula Bula Quo’ and ‘Looking Out For Caroline’ with Francis. The whole soundtrack album has some excellent songs on it written by Francis, Rick, Andy, Rhino, Matt, Wayne Morris and myself.

For all you Quo fans out there and those who receive the official fan club magazine FTMO I’m sure you will have enjoyed the most recent issue Vol 12 No 3 all about the ‘Bula Quo’ movie and the making of. The magazine is now written by Yvonne Hanvey who has taken over the reigns from the long standing friend and associate of the band Mike Hrano. Yvonne has done splendid job and I was happy to be able to contribute to this edition. I believe the next edition will be mostly about the Frantic Four Reunion Tour.

So the big event for me recently was the birth of our second grandson Alfie Lewis Barnes, brother to Leo and son of daughter Kirstie and son-in-law Barney. Weighing in at just over six pounds and only two weeks early born 02.55am on June 11th he’s fit and well and doing great. Lots of pics to come.

6th June went with Sue and the late great mate author James Herberts wife Eileen to the Amex Stadium in Brighton for the book launch of the new novel by my friend Peter James and it’s already a big hit

31st May Sue and I went along to the Albert Hall with music publishers Stuart and Jamie Hornall to see Mark Knopfler. I really do like his new album ‘Privateering’. Check it out.

18th June was the Summer Old Boys Lunch in Barnes with the usual great turn out plus a couple of new first time guests including The Stranglers Jean-Jacques Burnel who was a very nice guy and Leo Sayer and his wife who had just flown in from their home in Sydney that morning. I told Leo that I saw his very first performance in America at the famous Troubador Club in Hollywood in 1973 when we (Status Quo) went out for a night on the town during our first American tour.

I see Status Quo 100th single release is ‘Bula Bula Quo’ and also I’m very happy and proud to have co-written twenty-five of those singles.

Coles Supermarket in Australia has taken ‘Down Down’ for a fourth year for their advertising campaign. I believe its now recognized as the most successful ad campaign ever in Australia. The TV ad has been filmed and is just as silly and funny as the others. I’m convinced that having a sense of humour and being able to not take yourself too seriously are two of the ingredients for survival in the music business and Quo sure have that in bucketloads.

Jumping about a bit here… INXS singer Ciaran Gribbin who I’ve been managing for about 13 years has, as I think I’ve mentioned before, a really talented younger brother John Gribbin who writes and performs under the name Building Pictures here He’s been living in Brooklyn for about three years and making great progress and I love his music. He’s just finished recording his new album in New York with our great friend the multi-talented Michael Keeney doing the producer duties. Michael was in Ciarans band Leya in N.Ireland and has also produced some INXS music amongst many other things Take a listen to this new song from Johns album here I should mention too that Ciaran has written a new song especially for an Al Pacino movie call ‘Imagined’ which starts production in Hollywood this month. We’re pretty excited about this and look forward to everyone getting to hear this song soon.

I see Mr John Rhino Edwards has recorded the Beatles song ‘Come Together’ for a new album. It’s an excellent performance. Check it out

There are so many good and interesting unofficial Status Quo websites around the world and being a fan myself I like to look around them now and again. I like Lee Hawkins site who’s been around for many years and came across this on his site after the Frantic Four Reunion Tour this year. Worth taking a look here

I found this old article in SOS online magazine all about the making of the Quo album ‘Rocking All Over The World’ and it’s a very interesting read for any Quo fan. here

The new updated version of the Quo coffee table book ‘Just Doin’ It’ (now called ‘Still Doin’ It’) Is finished and with the publishers. We should have an idea of the publication date after next week when Simon Porter meets with them to discuss timing and promo of it etc. I’m very pleased with it and I’m sure you’ll also be happy with it. The extra 32 pages include some great unseen photos by the lovely photographer Danny Clifford and also Quo’s keyboard/bass tech Andy Tomkins and Drum Tech Lance Miles. I’ll keep you posted although possibly news of the book will be in the next edition of the FTMO magazine.

Not sure if you know that I have four sisters Carol in Italy, Christine in America, Jane in Australia and Carl in Leeds and over the past two weeks I’ve been pleased to see both Christine and Carol here at home. Also son Jamie and his wife Jo have visited from Ibiza where they now live. So with grandson Archie making his debut it’s been a pretty hectic and enjoyable month.

Alan Lancaster in Oz and I speak very regularly on skype and its always good to chat with him.

My nephew Rob Langston is in the touring version of Fawltey Towers playing the John Cleese role. Everyone who’s seen it said it very funny so I need to get along and see it soon.

So sad to hear about the passing of Bernie Nolan yesterday after a long battle with breast cancer. Bernie and the Nolan Sisters sang backing vocals on the Young & Moody single ‘Don’t Do That’ and appeared in the video along with Lemmy and Cozy Powell. ...more about Bernie Nolan

You may have seen on the front page of my website the link to the article written by my friend Matt McGinn who happens to be the guitar tech with Coldplay. If you haven’t yet read it do click on as it’s an excellent and funny piece on his love of Quo and in particular the Frantic Four.

My book of poems etc ‘This Raging Storm’ is near completion so hopefully I’ll be able to get this out over the next few months. Don’t forget to log your without obligation interest by clicking on to the link on my homepage.

I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone that has written to me through my website. Your comments and suggestions and sometimes just a friendly few words mean a lot to me.

And also I see I’ve now had over 176,000 visits to the site which means I must be doing something right (with Jurgens help of course :-) )

So for now hope the the suns shining wherever you are and catch up again next month.
Bob x