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Here I am and late again…
I’m not going to start by saying I’ve had another really busy few weeks (too late…I just said it :-( )
Quo doco, Quo movie in Fiji, writing new songs with Francis, INXS, Cuba so where shall I start?

So the new Homepage photo on my site was taken in 1967 in Sweden when I was just 22 years old. The others in the photo are the band The Evil Eyes from my then hometown of Basingstoke.
John Ridley and I had left work and home and hitch-hiked to Stockholm with the intention of then hitching down through Europe to Yugoslavia. We only ever got as far as Stockholm where we met up with our friends in the band who were living and touring in Sweden. We were having such a good time sleeping rough on floors and eating a diet of pasta and tomato ketchup that we decided there wasn’t much point on going any further. And so we stayed there and roadied for the Evil Eyes and so began my long journey in the music business to where I am now. I guess we all had to start somewhere and that was it for me and quite a lot seems to have happened over the past forty-five years and I can still remember quite a lot of it….. On the right in the photo is their guitarist Richard Horner who posted this photo up on Facebook. It’s had quite a lot of reaction.

On April 8th Sue and I went to the author James Herberts birthday lunch and we had one or ten drinks to celebrate the occasion. The excellent restaurant in is owned by his niece and her 17/18 year old daughter got up and sang two songs which absolutely blew everyone away. What an amazing voice and I’d really like to see her doing a lot more. Quite brilliant.

Son Jamie has just got back from three shows in Asia with Groove Armada, Bangkok, Singapore and Jakarta. Three shows in five days including travel. Like father like son I guess…

Grandson Leo is almost walking now and is saying a few words. He’s calling me Poppa and what a happy child he is.

Ciaran Gribbin (INXS singer who I manage) and his wife Donna are loving Australia since their move there last year and their beautiful son James is growing up so fast. Ciaran is writing great new songs with the band and hopefully they’ll get started on a brand new album soon which will be INXS’ first of all new songs since the passing of the bands amazing singer the legendary Michael Hutchence fifteen years ago. Ciaran as you’ll now know from my Blogs joined them last September and has since toured South America, Europe and Australia with them and which I was happy to be able to go out on the road with them for many of the shows This month he’s flying from Sydney into Belfast especially to perform two songs solo with the Ulster Orchestra to celebrate 150 years of the legendary venue The Ulster Hall in Belfast on May 22nd. There will be ten Irish singers each performing two songs and the evening is being filmed by the BBC for TV and radio broadcast. I’m really looking forward to this and
I think it’s going to be a very special evening that I hope some of you will check out online and Youtube ...more
And then he jumps on a plane and heads straight back to Sydney for the 19 dates INXS Australian tour throughout June and into July.

Ciarans younger brother John Gribbin has been living in New York for a year now writing great songs and gigging and making great progress. He’s another seriously talented member of the family Gribbin and do check out his new song and video ... click here and all of his other things. I’m a big fan and watching his progress over the past couple of years is a complete joy ...more

I have two nephews in Sydney, Ryan and Jordan Cole, the sons of my sister Jane and her husband Simon. Last month they opened a new gym and fitness club together in Manly Beach Sydney. Ciaran cut the ribbon at the opening night and if any of you are out that way then do go and check it out It’s great, I saw it when I was over there in January and they were renovating it. Well done boys… you’re doing a great job. Their sister Chelsea is coming over to England in a couple of weeks on the start of a years travel after recently finishing school so we’re all looking forward to catching up with her when she visits.

I’ve just spent a week in Cuba with Sue and our very good friends Arthur and Dorothy. It was my third time over there and a first time for the others. Havana is wonderful. Just like the movies with all the old 1950’s American cars and un-renovated buildings and music playing everywhere you go 24/7. We also spent a few days on an island called Cayo Largo a forty minute flight from Havana. When Sue and I came home Arthur and Dorothy stayed on for an extra few days to enjoy some of the excellent fishing off the island. Cuba is definitely worth a visit if you’re ever fortunate enough to check it out

The new Status Quo documentary ‘Hello Quo’ is coming along really well and I’m looking forward to visiting the edit suite in Wigan again next week to check it all out and where we’re up to. I’m acting as a consultant on the film and it’s been a lot of fun. I’ll give you a better update in my next Blog when the film should be almost finished for release around September.

Quo, as most of you will know, are in Fiji filming ‘Bula Quo’ a drama/action/comedy movie with the band, and particularly Francis and Rick, playing themselves with manager Simon also in a key role. I reckon it’s going to be hilarious and a lot of fun and as well as many Quo classic songs in it there are also a few new ones. Francis and I have been writing a couple especially for it and Rick I’m told also has a blinding new song written for it. They’ve been out there for five weeks and have had a very full on filming schedule but it sounds like they’ve really enjoyed the whole experience. They get back this weekend and then straight into rehearsals for their next show in Russia on May 12th. Is there a much harder working band around? I don’t think so….

I was talking to Alan Lancaster on skype this morning. He hasn’t changed a bit…always a fun and enjoyable conversation with him. Looking forward to seeing him again soon.

John Coghlan is doing a gig with his band on Wednesday 6th June at The Bull’s Head in Barnes London SW13 9PY

So hope you all have a great summer once it arrives properly and I’ll see you on my next Blog in June (I can’t believe we’re now almost halfway through 2012…).

Cheers for now
Bob x