BLOG 71 November 2011

I’m going to start with a big apology for the delay in getting this Blog written up. Yes it’s the same old excuse ‘I’ve been soooo busy’. Ahhh! So what’s new? I hear you say… Actually Ciaran Gribbin (Joe Echo) joining the brilliant and massive band INXS is what has happened and last week I returned from touring with them in Peru and Argentina. What a great experience that was for Ciaran and I and the first gig was quite emotional for us after so many years together. And all nice people in the band.

Araquipa in Peru is where he played his first gig with the band. A beautiful city surrounded by mountains and an active volcano. The band flew in from Australia and myself and lighting designer/operator Jonny Gaskell flew there from Heathrow Airport via Madrid and Lima in Peru. On the way we took off from Lima just two hours before they experienced an earthquake 6.9 on the richter scale. The band left Lima just 8 hours after the earthquake so all in all an interesting start to the tour. We spent almost a week in Arequipa as there were three full days of production rehearsals before the first show and what an amazing show that was. I’ve known the keyboard player and main songwriter for a couple of years but this was a good opportunity for me to get to know the rest of the band and INXS crew. They made me really welcome and we all had a great time in a fabulous hotel for the week. Next stop was Buenos Aries in Argentina where INXS headline a festival with 25,000 people. HUGE success. Managed to have breakfast in Buenos Aries with an old friend Beady Eye/Oasis drummer Chris Sharrock and a chat in the hotel with Kate Moss’ husband Jamie Hince of The Kills who was playing the festival with INXS. I last met Jamie earlier this year at the wedding of Ringo Starrs son Jason and his wife Flora.

After Buenos Aries it was on the next day to Cordoba in Argentina, a two hour flight away. 3000 capacity arena sold out and what an amazing gig it turned out to be and a great way to end this short South American tour. 9 flights in 12 days.

Now looking forward to INXS in Europe in December and then I’m off to Australia in January for their tour there.

My good friend Maksim the Croatian classical pianist is currently on tour in Japan and China until mid-December and unfortunately I was unable to do this tour with him because of my INXS commitments. It’s all going very well and I’m getting lots of phone calls and photos from them in China.

Busy December coming up with INXS shows and the usual Christmas dinners which all start from three weeks before everybody finishes for the Xmas break.

Sorry this Blog is so short and I promise to make up for it in my next one on 21st December which will be the 4th anniversary of my website. Amazing how the time flies and I couldn’t have done all this without the help of the wonderful Jurgen Adametz.